Death From Your TV​-​Screen

by Club Nihil

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Club Nihil when it started out as an post-industrial band in early 2010. There were 3 members in this band at the time, on this record the only worth notable members are:

EWSchroeder: Guitars, Programming, Vocals

Wolf Hour: Oildrum, Metal Percussion, Noise

UPDATE 06/14/2016: I did add two bonustracks, original meant to be included onto the CD-Version of the album that did never see an official release.


released November 11, 2010


01. Being Nothing (Evil Media)
02. Blackout (Mind Control)
03. Talkshowed TV Scumm Spasm
04. Your Satellites
05. Death From Your TV-Screen
06. Test-Pattern Spirit
07. Daily Soap Brainwash
08. A Dead Transmitting Station
09. Being Nothing (Passive Consumer)
10. One Hot Minute
11. Blackout (Ejaculated Mind)



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Human Nihil Kassel, Germany

I did turn off streaming here on most albums, basicly because I'm sick of people streaming 300-400 of my songs a week without ever supporting me. I gave alot of music away for free in my life, especially to people who couldn't afford it or did support me before, but if you are able to afford an internet-provider you are also able to afford a music download to my logic.

Thanks for the support!
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